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Satyam Noble Metal Pvt Ltd has pioneer experience and expertise in catalyst field. We welcome the opportunity to discuss your particular requirements either from our established product ranges or any new tailormade developing products.

PGM catalyst are widely used in chemical processes for reactions in the preparation of API intermidiates and fine chemical. The six PGM group metals having catalytic properties are Palladium, Platinum, Rhodium, Ruthenium, Iridum & Osmium along with the Gold and Silver. PGM catalyst are typically more selective and reactive and suitable for less favourable reaction condition.They can be recycled as easiest way by recovery and refining of spent catalyst through a suitable manner.

A wide range of our HOMOGENEOUS type Palladium Catalyst have been employed in many reaction such as SUZUKI;HIYAMA;HECK;BUTCHWALD- HARTWIG coupling reaction.

As an important handling issue for the reaction using these catalyst, the solvent should be deoxidized so that the ligand is not oxidized and the reaction are allowed to run in an inert atmosphere.

A wide range of our Carbon supported Platinum Group Metal Catalyst is being applied in many reaction such as Debenzylation, Doublebond reduction, Aromatic ring reduction, Dehalogenation and many others as required by the bulk drug manufacturers in India and abroad also.

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